The Reboot Series

Double Your Energy, Improve Your Health, and Make an Impact



★★★★★ “Dense and action-oriented change; a must-read”

★★★★★ “A no-BS approach to a subject that too often gets covered in fluff”

★★★★★ “AMAZING number of links to other fabulous resources”

★★★★★ “This book is much better than the typical eat well and meditate guides”

★★★★★ “Inspired me to permanently change one of my eating habits”

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Reading this book is like a 33 shot espresso for your energy!

If you want more energy, read this book. If you want to dramatically improve your health, read this book. If you want to reboot your life, read this book.

But don’t just read it, do it.

This book features 33 experiments that you can try for yourself. 30 days at a time. Some experiments feature little-known nutrition and health secrets. Some are tune-up exercises for your mind and spirit. Other tips will help you establish a more effective morning routine. There’s even information about earth-shattering orgasms in here.

It is unlike any other self-help book you will read this year.

No filler. No pages and pages of reading other people’s stories. Just straight and to the point information to help you get started with your reboot.

Drink up.

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Interviews with the Author

Praise for The Book


“This is definitely going on my list of favorite things I’ve done with my life.”
- Damian Van Valkenburgh

“Great list. There are many I will incorporate in my life.”
- Frederick J. Calandra Jr.

“I’m now on Day 38, after deciding to try out some of the steps in your 33 Steps. I must say that in this time my whole life has changed so dramatically! Once you start making changes, life sometimes helps things along by changing things that you may be too scared to. Sometimes I feel quite lost and adrift and don’t know what on earth is happening, but it has been a big growth spurt internally and I’m certain that life has many adventures in store for me :) I was talking to my mom about the Vipassana Courses and she has decided to join me in attending a 10 day course in March! How unexpected :) Thank you so much for creating these 33 steps and posting them to the public. May you have a wonderful and fantastic week :)”
- Leila Knight, South Africa

“Your series has been an inspiration to start my own series here on Google+, and I also implemented a few of your reboots, daily. Some reboots challenged my beliefs, some I implemented years ago, and some have tickled my imagination to try. So, great work Luther!”
- Visnja Zeljeznjak, Croatia

“I’ve read a few books on the subject of Tantra and full body orgasms, and let me just say that women (and men, of course!) who don’t get to experience those things are REALLY missing out. Kinda hard to be down about life and be jealous of what other people have when you get to regularly experience that sort of connectedness with another person, your own body and the universe :)”
- Denise Lambson, Alaska

“Excellent suggestion to utilize an instructor. There is an enormous difference between practice and Deliberate Practice.”
- Craig Calvert, Florida

“I have you in my “advocates for change” circle. Really appreciate this information! Thanks.”
- George MacPherson, Canada

“I absolutely love this concept!  You have a ton of beneficial tips and strategies.  I’m a little curious about that tonic you mention in day 1.  If I can figure out where to find all the ingredients, I’d be willing to give it a shot! :)  Kudos for a well put together series!”
- Tyler Freeman, Florida

“You’ve put into words many of the principles I’ve been struggling for years to verbalize to those around me as to why I’m resistant to the status quo! Not only have you echoed what I’ve felt should be the natural order but you’ve expanded upon it and I’m already looking to put into practice the new stuff I’ve never thought of before. Thanks for a great eye opener :-)”
- Dan Bjorklund, Michigan

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these items. And while I haven’t tried all of your suggestions, I’ve tried a few of them.  What was the most benefit — at least in the short term — was answering your questions.  They gave me the opportunity to think about things that I wouldn’t normally take the time to ponder. I have been stuck in a rut for a while now, and I can see your series helping me to get out of it.  Thanks!”
- Lisa Henderson, Mississippi

“Definitely gonna try this, pretty good advice! P.S. Since I’m from Ecuador it put a smile on my face that commentary, cheers!”
Alberto Guime, Ecuador

“Thank you very much Luther for the great tips. It’s been a pleasure reading through them and finding the best way to implement them in my own life.”
- Mark Steward, Pennsylvania

“More great ideas! Awesome! I’m going to try it! I am at a big changing point in my life right now, and I think that by adding a few of these, I can’t do anything but make it better! Thanks Luther. “
- Joe Vinson, Alabama

“I’m literally enjoying each of these tips. It’s great that you’re taking the time to break it all down for us. Much appreciated.”
- Ressard Sloan, California

“It is amazing how the universe will occasionally throw you a confirmation on your actions; I’ve been casually looking into going wheat-free for a while and just started today. Looking forward to reading the rest of your 33 Ways To Reboot Your Life series.”
- Robert Coats, Washington

“A worthy venture. A challenge to figure out how this works with 3 daughters but a challenge I am not opposed to taking. At least part or a variation of this challenge will be added to my list.”
- Alisa Fletcher, Virginia

“I am excited and starting NOW!”
- Karyn Thompson, California

“This is the best advice yet. Done. Not only will I eliminate what no longer serves my values. I created a list of things I need to add or do to serve them.”
Alicia Anning, Toronto

“I really needed to see this! Thank you!”
- Rosaland Cromer

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